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After creating your Cyber Plan and getting the right Cybersecurity tools to prevent cyber attacks, Cyber Insurance is the final step for comprehensive cyber protection. Cyber insurance delivers the coverage you need against immediate costs and lawsuits to minimize impact to your business operations should a cyber attack occur. At CyberPolicy, our licensed Advisors will assess your business needs and comparison shop with industry leading carriers to find the right cyber insurance coverage at the best price, so you can truly enjoy peace of mind.

CyberPolicy has partnered with leading carriers to insure your business against cyber risks that threaten its daily operations.

Our cyber insurance policy includes these coverages to protect your business:
Privacy Liability
Insures loss (including Payment Card Loss) for third party claims arising out of the insured’s unintentional failure to protect sensitive personal information, corporate information subject to a nondisclosure agreement, or to adhere to privacy regulations.
Payment Card Loss
Includes certain contractual liabilities that arise out of the failure to manage payment card data.
Data Breach Fund
Insures certain immediate expenses associated with a data breach including the cost to retain legal services to determine regulatory obligations, the cost to notify people whose sensitive personal information has been breached, and the cost to provide those people with up to a year of credit monitoring services.

With CyberPolicy, it’s quick and simple to find cybersecurity and insurance coverage options customized for your business needs. Our licensed Advisors are happy to help with any questions about protecting your business against cyber threats. Get a quote online, and let CyberPolicy insure your business today.

For any questions about cyber insurance coverages specific to your business needs, just contact us to speak to one of our licensed Advisors.

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