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Why Small Businesses Need Cyber Insurance

43%Were targeted

43% of phishing attacks targeted small businesses in 2015(Symantec)


60% closed within 6 months of a breach(National Cyber Security Alliance)

$217Cost Per Record

$217 cost per stolen record(Ponemon Institute)

Is your business insured against cyber risks?

Benefits For You And Your Business

  • Trusted Advisor for Curated Choice. CyberPolicy's data-driven matches allow you to easily find the right cyber insurance and cybersecurity tools for your business.
  • Expertise. Bringing together industry leaders of cybersecurity and cyber insurance, CyberPolicy provides the end-to-end protection your business needs.
  • Objective Advice. CyberPolicy's licensed Advisors are compensated based on service, not sales commissions. You can count on their objective advice to select the right cyber insurance and cybersecurity tools.
  • Value. CyberPolicy comparison shops with leading cyber insurers and cybersecurity partners to ensure your business gets the right protection at the best price.

What is CyberPolicy?

CyberPolicy is your Trusted Advisor for Cyber Insurance. With curated choice and competitive rates from leading insurance carriers, we are committed to helping you find the right cyber coverage to protect your business against cyber attacks. From creating a Cyber Plan, selecting cybersecurity tools, to purchasing the right policy, our team of licensed Advisors are here to offer objective advice and all the help you need. LEARN MORE

Cyber Plan

Our Cyber Plan takes you through a simple process of identifying your company's vulnerabilities and then guides you in selecting the proper security and insurance precautions your business needs.


Partnered with leading cybersecurity companies like Symantec, CyberPolicy recommends the security tools you need to monitor and prevent cyber attacks. In the unlikely event of a data breach, our security partners will help you remediate.

Cyber Insurance

With a Cyber Plan and cybersecurity tools in place, you still need cyber insurance as a fail safe to protect your business against cyber risks. We work with trusted insurers to provide you with the right coverage, and our licensed Advisors are here to help you find the best policy.


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